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As I start to write the first few lines of this entry, I am grateful to God that I can pay  tribute to the remarkable man who  founded this organization, my late husband and best friend who I miss everyday…Vijayan and I worked together for 39 years and his life and practical, infectious faith always inspired me.  I have never known anyone who loved God and people with such total abandonment.

I look back to humble, seemingly insignificant beginnings. We were greenhorns when Vijayan and I first embarked on this journey, young inexperienced and unqualified, yet nothing could quite quell the excitement of God’s call, of giving of ourselves and our home and being available to people.

Today I am amazed at the wonder of God’s faithfulness and provision, not only in terms of the expansion of the work, but in very dear praying friends, partners, and a committed band of coworkers who will take the same vision forward.


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