Kolkata, the city of joy! This city can boast of its rich history, cultural heritage and diverse people groups; and yet it also tells a sad story of the neglect and apathy of mankind. Among the masses that make their way on the busy, overpopulated streets of Kolkata; a vast majority live on the sidewalks and pavements, without access to basic amenities. Down crooked side-streets and in the spaces between buildings, another world exists. Here, in these pockets, are communities that suffer great deprivation and struggle to survive from day to day.  “…a million coal-fires burn; smoke gets in your throat and eyes,.and heart and soul in turn..”

The marginalized and underprivileged communities of this city endure tremendous hardship everyday. Most of them live in the midst of drug abuse, sexual exploitation, dysfunctional families and rising infection of HIV. The children are the worst victims and suffer silently; voiceless and without rights. They are subject to every abuse and are truly the city’s poorest residents.

Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta is a Charitable Trust, registered in 1985, serving the poor, marginalized and vulnerable communities within and outside the city of Kolkata, India. “Let each one have his dignity and a chance to be on the road… to freedom.”