Volunteer Stories

Short Term Volunteer Reflections

Our work onsite with Emmanuel Ministries is finished and we feel so blessed that God would let us wrap up well. We were able to meet with each group of teachers as well as with the leadership, and they graciously welcomed our suggestions, observations and thoughts. 

We've been tremendously blessed by their faithfulness in each of their ministries, seeing how tirelessly they love the children in their care and being hungry to grow for one purpose, to better serve their children. 

We've been quite humbled by the number of pressures which children face outside of the classrooms and could only listen quietly as they passionately explained to us the homes and communities from which they come. 

We've seen how Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta staff, workers, and leaders not only love the children, but families and communities as well, through various holistic programs, including micro financing.
It has truly been a privilege seeing and being part of this wonderful family at Emmanuel Ministries.

--Tammy Wang, Philadelphia, PA



Long TermKolkata cannot be explained - it has to be experienced!  An open heart is the key - and it will be tugged this way and that!.

What at first threatens to overwhelm you will later reveal kindness, resourcefulness and generosity from such unexpected quarters! Just below the surface of this dusty city, the heart can discover hope and inspiration as it engages with the 'poorest of the poor'. There is no setting better for learning these things than EMC, Calcutta Emmanuel School, and Calcutta Samaritans!

It has been our privilege to be associated with  this NGO for over 22 years now. Ian travelled to Kolkata first, then Anne followed a few years later. All of our adult children have also visited. During our working life one of our priorities was to invest some of our annual leave each year into being here regularly. We have been given various jobs over the years - running various reflective and informative workshops, running a short marriage course, writing letters or proofreading reports written in English, individual and group counselling in the drug and alcohol work (Anne is a trained Psychotherapist), children's work, school assemblies, speaking in church, and helping with the many western visitors that find their way to EMC. We are happy to do anything that might encourage those who work here all year. We receive so much more than we could ever ever offer. We are very aware as a couple that EMC helps us to appreciate a much bigger world and its needs. It has become more like being a part of a family rather than retiree volunteers of a charity. We spent over half of 2015 in Calcutta with EMC after we officially retired. It was one of the best decisions we ever made.