Quick Facts

  • EMC reaches out to children at risk. This includes street children, children in the railway platforms, child addicts, children of commercial sex workers, trafficked victims, child labourers, children of HIV infected and affected parents, and abandoned and traumatized children.


Our sister organizations

The Calcutta Emmanuel School (CES) (http://www.calemmschool.org/) – is a free high school. CES is involved in the holistic development programme for children at risk from the poorest communities in Kolkata. CES emphasises and provides the best of education and educational facilities to harness the potential talents for these children and acknowledge their innate dignity and worth as children.

The Calcutta Samaritans (http://www.thecalcuttasamaritans.org) is an NGO involved in crisis intervention. The organisation envisions a movement of people in Kolkata to love and care without discrimination. They befriend and provide individual care and referrals and specializes in its service to the Alcoholics and Drug addicts, HIV, homeless population and rickshaw-pullers. It is also a Regional Resource Training center sponsored by MSJE, Government of India.

Arunoday Midway Home is a therapeutic and rehabilitation centre for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. It was the first of its kind established in the eastern region of India 30 years ago. The home believes in a community living of recovering addicts who help each other and provide strength for a purposeful recovery. The home aims in reintegrating the recovering addicts to the mainline society.

Our funding partners

Tear fund, UK

International Christian College, Glasgow, UK

Emmanuel Trust, Northern Ireland, UK

Global Care, UK

Rope Charitable Trust, UK

Worthing Tabernacle, UK

Lakhermissionen , Sweden

Beyond The Horizon, USA

Emmaus Bible Trust

Deeside Christian Fellowship Church

Prana International, USA