Pavement Club

Street children live extremely vulnerable lives, open to abuse, and deprived of elementary education. The Pavement Club was established to bring change to the lives of some of Calcutta’s street children. Initially non-formal education was delivered quite literally on the pavement with just a handful of children. Now, however, the Club operates from both our Ripon Street Headquarters and the Vijayan Pavamani Centre at Creek Row, with children being picked up from their respective communities and dropped back after the day’s programme.

The Club provides immunization, counseling, non-formal education, medical care, two nutritious meals, uniforms, vocational skill training and opportunities for fun and games. Special classes enhance the children’s talents in drawing, singing and dancing. Inevitably, the children respond positively to the love and care they receive. They happily adjust to their new learning environment and strive to make the most of each opportunity. Each year it is our great joy to integrate a number of children into mainstream schools.

Home visits provide a vital link to both the family and the community. Interaction with key community members often leads to awareness campaigns targeting important issues within the community. Regular monthly mother’s meetings provide a forum for teaching health and hygiene, and encouraging active cooperation of the mothers in their children’s development. Adult literacy classes are also made available within the community.

Sealdah Drop-in Centre

Vulnerable, destitute and runaway children live precarious lives in and around railway platforms in Kolkata. Many of these children are addicted to substances and get pulled into gangs and a subculture of exploitation.

We befriend and provide them a nutritious meal and a safe place during the day. At the Drop-in Centre they can relax, play indoor games, draw, take a shower or simply have a nap.

The Drop-in Centre acts as a doorway of hope and recovery.  Through awareness on de-addiction, counselling the children are motivated to seek a better lifestyle and many are re-integrated into mainstream society.