Pauline Bhawan

Pauline Bhawan at Jadavpur is a home providing holistic development facilities for children who are vulnerable, at risk, or abandoned. In its warm confines, they receive what they never had – a home, a family, a world of love, acceptance and security and a fun-filled childhood. Birthdays of all children are celebrated. They attend school, and are also provided with medical care and counseling. They participate in recreation, sports, music, outings and educational trips. Our hope is that they can heal from their past trauma and function as self-respecting individuals who look to a bright future.

Anandoloy Rescue & Rehabilitation Home

Anandoloy Rescue & Rehabilitation Home is a shelter for child drug addicts and an extension care for older boys from the other projects. The Home is a sanctuary for street children driven to drugs and alcohol. After a drug-free period they are welcomed into the Home, slowly weaned away from earlier habits through special, non-formal education, and eased into a family-style community living. Sports, outings and a regular schedule make the Home a symbol of security, acceptance and affection. Finally, with vocational training, hope returns for the future, building them up as responsible citizens of India.