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Jyoti Mallick

Jyoti Mallick was one of the children enrolled in our local community development project. Her family belonged to the ‘Harijan’ or ‘untouchable’ community and both parents did menial jobs for the municipality.

After Jyoti started attending the NFE(Non Formal Education ) classes, she showed good progress. Initially she was negative in her responses and not very sociable in her behaviour. The teachers and project workers invested a lot of time and befriended her. Her interests in the activities of the projects and her classes grew rapidly. She developed an added interest in learning the Hindi language and regularly attended scripture classes as well.

Over time, Jyoti exhibited leadership qualities and started helping the community workers. She visited all the houses in her community regularly and motivated the mothers to attend Adult Literacy classes. EMC has a Basic and Advanced sewing and tailoring course affiliated with the Adult Continuing Education and Extension of Jadavpur University. Jyoti completed these courses and influenced other women to do the same. She started teaching sewing and tailoring as part of the activities of the community development project. Orders soon started coming in and the local councilor donated a sewing machine in the year 2006.

Jyoti now works as an employee in one of the departments of Calcutta Samaritans. She is highly motivated and is an inspiration for the street children and pavement dwellers. She plans on teaching sewing to the women of her community for economic empowerment.