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Mrs.Premila Pavamani, President

Premila, along with her late husband Vijayan Pavamani, stepped out in faith in 1971. They felt called by God to respond to His love. Both of them joyfully shared their home and their lives and worked tirelessly together right until Vijayan's demise on August 20th, 2006. Currently, she is the President of Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta and works for the same ideals that she and Vijayan outlined so many years ago. She is highly respected and loved by all those who work with her. Premila considers herself blessed to live a life filled with divine purpose, adventure and the joy of encountering people from all walks of life!


Mr.Shajan George, Executive Director

Shajan’s engaging encounter with Vijayan as a young somewhat disillusioned college graduate, almost 45 years ago led him to becoming an esteemed colleague and friend. A close right hand to Vijayan and Premila, Shajan stepped into the role of Executive Director in 2018. He not only understands the vision, but is also a firm believer in structure, order, and accountability. An empathetic and empowering leader, Shajan is still amazed at how God’s provision rolls in time after time, proving that this work is God-directed and he feels privileged to be an active witness to the lives that are changed and empowered.


Mr. Finney Thomas, Trustee / Chairman

After graduating from the prestigious IIT Karagpur Engineering College, Finney Thomas went on to become a successful business man and own his own company. A man of integrity, deep faith, and financial acumen, his role as Chairman of the Trust is highly valued. Endowed with compassion, Finney believes that service is foundational to purposeful human living. He quit his successful enterprise to become the CEO of the NGO JKPS. Besides being immensely musically talented, he is known for his wry sense of humor and integrity.

Mr. Sunil Dev Roy, Trustee

Sunil Roy is the Director of Vivada Inland Waterways Limited and an esteemed Deacon of the Assembly of God Church, Kolkata.  A man of great faith,    Mr. Roy has been of great encouragement, because of his belief that we are to share one another’s burdens and bring the love of God in a practical way to help the down trodden.


Ken Rassch, CEO and Chairman of Creative Brands Group, Inc. and Founder and CEO of Immersive Artistry

A most successful business entrepreneur, Ken is best known for his ability to make success happen.  A visionary when it comes to the arts and his ability to blend the aesthetic and emotive expressions of life into a tangible mode is one of his giftings. Deeply committed to God and family, Ken has a compassionate drive to reach all peoples with the love of God and enable them to feel successful.  EMC had the pleasure of meeting Ken over 25 years ago and that friendship has grown into a partnership of love and service. He, his lovely wife and remarkable children have all visited and interacted with EMC and we appreciate what Ken brings to further fuel our hearts!

Pramod Haque, Managing Partner Norwest Venture Partners

When Vijayan met Pramod, he was a young student seeking to find his place in the world and wanting to make an impact for God. Their encounter would grow into a lifelong friendship. Vijayan and Premila would pray for him and rejoice in his work ethic and the success that he would garner while seeking no glory for himself. He, his wife, and some of his children have visited and Pramod remains a practical encouragement in his love for India and the work that empowers people overcome the greatest hurdles and prevail.

Tami Senner, India Missions Head, Venture Church, Los Gatos

A brilliant teacher committed wife and mother, Tammy radiates a selfless love for God and people all round the world.  Despite her own hurdles and health challenges, when she visited Kolkata, she endeared herself to our team and has since become a beloved friend and spokesperson for our cause.

Illora Barik

Besides being a devoted wife and dedicated mother, Illora is a qualified therapist having graduated from NIMHANS, Bangaluru as an MSW and holds an M Phil certification. She was associated with the Institute of Psychiatry, Centre of Excellence (IOP-COE), an unit of the Department of Psychiatric Social Work, currently pursuing her PHD.  She worked extensively with us among the vulnerable groups in our communities, bringing psycho-social marital and family intervention therapy, as well as providing psychological therapy for substance abusers.  Her compassion and understanding is invaluable.

John Miskelly, Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography, Canson Infinity International Ambassador and a LEE Filters Master.

Decades have passed since John’s first visit to Kolkata where he and the Pavamani’s forged a lifelong friendship. A successful financial consultant, John’s passion for photography has established him as a well-recognized and outstanding photographer.  John is responsible for launching the Emmanuel charity in Northern Ireland and we continue to look forward to his regular visits where he brings concern for social upliftment along with his humor, love.   

Mark and Margaret Johnston, Northern Ireland, UK, Social Workers

Mark and Margaret came to visit us first in the year 2016 and have since become treasured and loved consultants.  Their studies and expertise in social work, particularly among children has proved to be an invaluable resource for us.  Their counsel and practical help make their friendship one that we prize and we value their advice.

Amit Sinha, President at Intelivation Technologies, Medical Device Specialist, Founder of Prana International

One of our own, Amit considers Kolkata to be his home and grew up loving and serving his beloved City.  Even after pursuing higher studies and moving to the US to start a successful business venture, Amit has stayed true to his roots and continues to facilitate small micro credit businesses and effective social economic interventions to help us partner with the less fortune ate and empower them to succeed.