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Rabi grew up in Lakharmath, a small red light pocket in South Kolkata, with his mother and younger brother. His father passed away when he was just 8 years old and his mother struggled hard to look after her young family. She was happy to send him along to the Lakharmath project where she knew he would be safe from harm. His mother was a sex worker and in the early days, a safe place for her children, especially at night, was her primary concern. EMC, and especially Biva, the project head, became stalwarts in Rabi’s young life.

Rabi was a star in the Lakharmath project. He actively participated in all of EMCs cultural programmes and competitions. His enthusiasm and wide smile was infectious as he threw himself into dance, drama and recitation. It was clear that this boy was different to the others. This boy was a leader.

Through the project the Rabi was admitted to primary school where he consistently stood first or second. From a young age hewas determined to smash the ties of injustice and exploitation that held so many members of his community hostage. He worked very hard at school, securing first division along with star marks in the Secondary Examination and first division in the Higher Secondary Examination.Rabi went on to complete graduation and post-graduation studies in International Relations from reputed universities of India.He later qualified for the NationalEligibility Test (NET) along with a Junior Research Fellowship (JRF). This was followed by admission for a Ph.D degree and ultimately he secured the post of Assistant Professor in Political Science at the University of North Bengal in 2018.

Rabi attributes much of his success to the love and discipline of his mother, who is now leading an austere but respectful life, a fact that boosts Rabi’s moral more than anything else. He also recognizes the impact of the values of compassion, fellowship, altruism, honesty and integrity that he learned through EMC and strives to put these values into action, practically helping others in any way he can. During COVID lockdown, he reached out practically to those in need around him and even contributed to Lakharmath project's initiative in helping the local people in extreme distress.We are blessed to have been part of this extraordinary young man’s journey!

Rabi is now married and lives close to Siliguri, in Darjeeling district. He continues to maintain links with Lakharmath project and whenever he visits Kolkata, he spends considerable time teaching and motivating the present generation of project children.

Quote from Rabi:

“I hope that many more children will stand upright and carry on the core legacy of EMC in their personal and professional domains.”